Martin Banks

MARTIN BANKS: Founder/President

Martin Banks has been involved in film, video and stage production all of his professional life.   Working on any type of entertainment production he could find during high school and college prepared Martin to launch his career in New York City working primarily as a video system engineer building ad-hoc broadcast facilities and later post production edit suites.
Moving his family to San Diego in 2001, Martin saw a need for a local professional video equipment supplier.
With his company, Video Gear, firmly established Martin began a consulting service designed for clients who need professional level video systems, but don’t want to hire a full time staff engineer to design a system.

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JEFF MERRILL: Project Definition/Management

Jeff Merrill is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in supply chain management, operations, and business development.   For the last 15 years, he’s been working with businesses and production companies both behind and in front of cameras.   His experience in engineering, business, and video production has provided him the opportunity to become a video studio design consultant and project manager for all types of video systems.
For Jeff, “Motion Pictures” are for more than just entertainment; they are the key to communication in the world, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer.
Jeff believes the look and feel of video communication is established most importantly by the space the message is captured in.

Jeff Merrill

Michael Caballero

MICHAEL CABALLERO: Senior Design/Engineering

Michael has spent his entire career working with video technology and lighting, always designing and building to make things better, before the production, during the production, and after the production. He is a perfectionist, and will spend the hours required long after everyone else has gone home.
His brain is a sponge and his office is a library. Michael is a member of the unofficial Kodachrome Home Processing Club and he finds solace when digging in the crates.


Michael Brueggemeyer has been a Director and Director of Photography for the last 22 years.
His skill set includes lighting for television, cinema and the web. He is a specialist in green screen compositing and cinematography, and has a proven track record of creating artistic images for the screen.   He has worked on projects for MasterCard, Wells Fargo, NCR, TeraData, GM and Qualcomm.
In addition to being a multiple Emmy award winner, he had the honor of screening a film at the Cannes Film Festival.
He has been married forever and has an eleven-year-old daughter who is way brighter than he is.

Michael Brueggemeyer

|Gregg Styles

GREGG STYLES: Implementation/Execution

Gregg has over thirty years experience in the building and construction industry and a more recent background in film and video production. It's this experience, along with strong communication skills, and an ability to lead through adversity, that gives Gregg a nice combination of skills needed for studio space builds.
His 'hands-on', get-it-done attitude has made it possible for him to complete countless projects on time and within budget - to the client's complete satisfaction. Gregg will tell you that no project is too large or too small, and he enjoys doing them all.

NIKITA LARSON: Logistics/Procurement

Nikita joined the Video Gear team in 2011, after moving to sunny San Diego, from Michigan. Nikita has worked in industries such as hospitality and event planning, which made her a good fit for our office.
Not being a native to the industry, the first step was learning the equipment in the rental department. After getting familiar with our products and serivices Nikita assumed her current role as …what is my designated role?(purchasing agent, client liason, office manager..etc).
When not procuring studio/design essentials Nikita attends San Diego State University. In her free time you can most likely find her doing yoga, at the beach, or at a music festival.

Nikita Larson