VideoStudioDesign Video Studio Design by Video Gear San Diego


VSD designs and builds studio spaces and delivers industry-leading video capture and broadcast integration solutions. In-house Studio facilities are becoming more common in business, as the need to generate messaging and maintain brand consistency increases. An in-house studio gives you the freedom and control to create powerful video content whenever and as often as you need.
Whether you are developing your first in-house studio or you’ve been in video production for years, VSD can create a state-of-the-art broadcast and studio facility.



Podcast Studios

The Podcast studios VSD creates for their clients, are designed to be both acoustically optimal as well as visually pleasing. Our clients find that having a comfortable space to conduct their interviews makes for better quality content. Many clients make video recordings of their podcasts to supplement or market their podcasts, and our studios help them look as good as they sound.

As with all our studios, the priority is to create a space that surpasses your expectations and delivers an experience that makes your work easier and more enjoyable.


The video content you create is a valuable asset that can be used and repurposed for any variety of applications. With the increasing demands of content acquisition within organizations, there is a greater need for aggregated content management systems working together seamlessly:
• media management systems
• storage systems
• transcoding systems

VSD’s skilled, experienced, engineers integrate the industry’s best media management technologies to meet your requirements, increase your return on investment and make content management as easy as possible.


Quality video content should tell a story, and that is where post-production becomes vital. From video editing to motion graphics, the impact of your video communications will be decided by the quality of how it is put together.
We can design and custom build video editing and post-production solutions that allow you to create and edit without limits.
VSD has years of experience designing and deploying advanced digital editing environments by combining:
• Graphics and special effects
• Animation, Video Editing
• Audio editing/processing systems
From a single desktop solution to a full-featured post-production facility, our skilled, experienced, and certified engineers can work with you to create the right solution.