The best way to help you, is to understand you and your goals. We will work with you to clarify your objectives, requirements and capabilities, so we provide the best solution possible.
We will evaluate what you have, the challenges inherent to your situation and how we can help you achieve your desired outcome.
From floor to ceiling, camera to computer, equipment to training, no detail will be overlooked.
And in the end, we will provide you with a report on how your challenge can be met, what you will need to meet it and any recommendations for moving forward.


Our Project Managers are the most vital piece of your video communications project. They are the ones who keep the project on track, on-time and on budget.
They are your primary contact during the course of your project and will work with you to make sure your project is a success, the installation goes smoothly and the rest of your business can keep operating most efficiently.


Our Engineers are the heart of our operation. They imagine and configure systems from the ground up or spec and design systems to integrate new technology with your current system.
The Engineers' mix of science and art, is then rendered into a operational design plan. This blueprint will be the guide for all the steps that are to follow, from Fabrication to Installation to Quality Assurance.


We build your system twice. First, our system experts construct your project in our unique communications lab (We encourage you to come and visit our Design and Build Lab and see what we are working on.)
This step allows us to ensure that all connections and components fit and function. It also allows us the opportunity to organize and label every element to facilitate installation and service and upgrades in the future.


This is the part where you get to see the fruits our mutual planning labors. Your project manager will work with you to schedule the most convenient time and methods for our team of installers and service people to work their magic.
Our well-oiled, licensed and certified machine of a team, will be transforming your space and expanding your capabilities in a ballet of professionalism and skill.


Once fabrication is done, we send in the test team. Our Quality Assurance specialists go through the system with a fine-toothed comb, testing the physical and functional attributes of the system.
This isn't just a switch-flip - light-on - move-on test either. We push the pieces harder than you will. We crank it up to eleven and then push for 12. Our specialists come for a second visit after installation, just to make sure everything is working perfectly.
When these guys are happy, we know everyone will be happy. And that is the point, isn't it?


It is wonderful having top-notch space, equipment, and technology. Knowing how to put it to work makes it even better. We will train you and your team on all the equipment and systems we install.
We will ensure that whatever your questions, they will be addressed and your and your team will be fully informed by the time we officially turn over the space to you.
And expect to be hearing from us after the project is completed. We are proud of our work and want to make certain that it is meeting all your needs and expectations.